​​Deputy Director of Leeds SCITT 

Leeds SCITT has used Kathy to deliver a session on the connection between the brain and the damaging effects of prolonged stress on the body.  Kathy delivered a very informative, interesting and accessible session with some great ideas.  The trainee teachers could use the ideas presented in their everyday life.  The information on mindfulness was particularly useful.  The feedback was positive and we have hired Kathy to deliver further training to our current trainees. Here is some of the feedback from our 2015/2016 trainees:

    School Testimonials

“The information about the brain was extremely useful, to be able to understand how the brain works and the information on how to deal with stress is really helpful”.

“I really enjoyed the discussion aspect of the workshop, especially talking about what stress is.  It helped me understand what it is.  I now realise I need to make more time for myself”.

“From today, I need to learn how to let it go! Thank you Kathy.  I enjoyed it”

“I really enjoyed the information about the brain connection and stress.  This workshop was great, it gave me some ideas in relation to working more efficiently, minimising the time it takes to do things in my working day”.

“I learnt ways to switch off and found out what mindfulness means, it was all so informative”!